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Benefit from over a decade of experience launching products with Nickelodeon, Grab, Eyeyah, Rice Media, Ethos Books and Rajah & Tann.

“Apance has been a good partner
for Rice Media”

Wen Jie Lee - CTO

Rice Media NFT Marketplace

-> For Storytellers and Media Artists

Apance helped Rice Media launch a marketplace for journalists to get funding for new stories.


Community owned DAO for journalists


Weeks of development


Blockchain based journalism platform in Singapore ->

EYEYAH! Virtual Education

-> for schools and youngsters

Eyeyah! partnered with Apance launch their interactive education experience for iPad and iPhone. In collaboration with artists and support from Nickelodeon for kid-accessible education design.

Ethos Books: New Ecommerce Experience

-> increase product discoverability and sales

Ethos shoppers struggled to find books related to topic or category. Apance helped Ethos introduce an overhaul of their e-commerce experience.

Shoppers can now seamlessly browse and get lost in the many products by Ethos. We collaborated to rebuild to enhance discoverability of books. ->

Both Sides, Now: Live streaming platform

-> reach a wider audience online during lockdown

Long-lived Singapore theater companies ArtsWok and Dramabox for the first time need to bring their entire performance online. In 2021 their event of Both Sides, Now reached the Malay communities of Singapore through a live-streaming site developed by Apance. ->

RAJAH & TANN: Digital Timeline for Historic Law Firm.

-> a coming of age story of a republic and a firm

Currency Design and historic law firm Rajah & Tann approached Apance to launch their interactive history online.


milestones reflecting the company history


years of history on 1 interactive web page


design iterations to get it right ->

First collaborative app for pro creators on iPad and Apple Pencil

-> Real time collaboration for illustrators

In 2020 we launched the first real time collaborative design app for iPad. It was adopted by colleges and achieved a growth rate of 100 new users every month.


monthly growth in user activity


new sign ups every month


U.S colleges adopted the app